Opening Act #01 — Silly Faces

October 11th, 2020


Their normal faces are pretty bizarre too.


You'd think that a show about aspiring comediennes would try to be a bit more funny. Or maybe it thinks that it is, which would be even worse. Maybe this is best taken as an example of how Lucky Star would've turned out without the viral OP or Kyoto Animation's production quality. And we're not even moving slightly down to PA Works, but plunging down to Gokumi. The animation is Not Good™, nor is there all that much of it. But they did, of course, remember to include an insert song by the cast. Gotta sell those CD singles! Why are those even still a thing? Get with the times, Japan. 

There are girls, they make stupid faces. That's it. It feels like I summarize more and more shows each season in that way, but there's honestly not much more to say about this. There's not even the wisp of a story like "And they need to save their idol club." They want to be comedy acts and… just kind of bum around for twenty minutes, going to cafes, bringing up other times they were not actually funny, and making faces. Then, of course, one of them takes a bath. Stay classy.


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