Noblesse #01 — Dudes Talking

October 7th, 2020


Excuse me. Pretty dudes talking.


I feel like it's a pretty safe metric to judge supposed action shows based on how much of their runtime is spent on scenes where dudes impassively sit at a table, having a talk. It's a good metric for all shows, mind you, since that generally is a sign that characters are not actually doing anything, and by extension, not a whole lot is going on. For action shows though, it's pretty damning. We even start with a (very underanimated) little special ops scene, but that gives way to the last 18 minutes of the episode which is… well, dudes impassively sitting around tables, having a chat. The one little bit of 'fight' is a quite literal random punk who wanders in to beat up a cripple so the protagonist can quite literally flex on him. In the laziest way possible. He is simply so strong that he is invulnerable, and then throws him into a car. That's literally all of the action in the final eighteen minutes of the episode. Love Hina had more action than that, for Zeus's sake.

So not a good start. Not an interesting start. Not an exciting start. Not any kind of adjective that you would hope to see in front of an action show's description start. I guess at least it wasn't as obnoxiously zany as the promos were advertising, but instead, it filled that time with dudes dispassionately having a chatsie as they stared blankly into space. Another Korea-Crunchyroll success story, clearly.


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    The 2 previous ONAs are supposed to be treated as canon to this anime. Only one is by IG. I give up. 4/10

    The source webcomic is real mess btw. Basically Korean Bleach. Oh yeah, that is coming back too. And not just with that witch crap.

  • residentgrigo says:

    One of the ONAs was an original prequel story and the other adapted the first 80 or so chapters in 25 minutes. The new show starts after all that happened mostly off screen. Lol, IG. Who is this for?

  • ark noir says:

    this wan’t so bad , but not great either. at least it tried which i cant say for most anime these days.

  • CatsB says:

    While Im happy they did not just redo the OVA (which I saw years ago so did not recall much of it) I still would have liked at least a small recap. It just jumps in assuming you know stuff. I could be wrong but OVA was more engaging it made me want to know more had I only seen this ep I would not want to know more about anyone involved. It also feels cheap.

    antagonists seem like the kind of stale outdated types they mock in one punch man and the show is not being done in absurdist way like killing bites to get away with it.

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