Ikebukuro West Gate Park #01 — Restaurant Tour

October 6th, 2020


Betting it all on the boy band.


It's so culturally weird for a show to be totally embracing of organized crime, vigilante justice, literal public execution on mob rule, and then turn around and go "Drugs? You'd have to be real scum to be involved with drugs." Hell, there's a ballot measure in my area to decriminalize literally everything, and the town I lived for half a decade already did that. But that would also be papering over how just plain boring the episode was. As of the 14 minute mark, we had spent approximately 90 seconds doing corny mob justice, and 10 minutes on a tour of Ikebukuro's many restaurants and markets. And by many, I mean three. 

I would say that things picked up marginally after that point, but right as the chase began, we had what I think may have been the best laugh I've had at an anime in months. They stop and the dude explains that buildings have roofs, and that they're going to need to run and hide. As if that wasn't bad enough, it then just smash cuts and I guess they already did all that? And then there's literally a random unexpected dude waiting for them and they have yet another long meeting. After that, they all just kind of go home, and everything turns out fine after all, without anybody having actually done, and certainly not on screen. It's like they forgot to include all the important scenes. But they sure made time for close-ups of mediocrely drawn food!

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