Hypnosis Mic #02 — “Freeze, or I’ll Rap”

October 9th, 2020


It's a legitimate threat.


Call this a double bill for Hypnosis Mic and She's Just Cute too, although I have essentially nothing to say about the latter's second episode. It was exactly the same as the first; an obnoxious misogynist fantasy about having a slave wife, featuring a Nice Guy protagonist, punctuated by random shouting.

As for this, there's definitely room in the world for a less sophomoric and less repetitive rap version of Nerima Daikon Bros, but this ain't it. With the introduction montage from last week out of the way, this episode was spent on… another flat our introduction episode. The silliness of a hostage situation under the threat of being rapped at is nowhere near enough zaniness to carry it, and with only about 20% as much goofy rapping as last week, that leaves just boy bands bumming around mostly. They go to cafes. They eat parfait. They primp and preen for each other. There are a billion other shows like this, and a few minutes of goofy music video… which aren't even that goofy given what the baseline is… don't add enough.


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