Deca-Dence #11 — Stalling For Time

September 16th, 2020


Hurry up and sit here motionlessly for twenty minutes.


What a boring, contentless episode that went absolutely nowhere. I don't know that there's a lot they could have done to salvage things at this point, but they could at the very least given Natsume an ounce of agency or involvement in what's going on. Now that the uber-monster is attacking all the 'normie' robots, she could have led the humans on an exodus, letting the military industrial complex of slaver automatons reap what they sowed. Or heroically leapt to their defense, proving to them that humans are not chattel to be used for their entertainment. Heck, involve some of the side characters we've done goddamned nothing with.

Instead, she was put in timeout. Very close to literally shoved into timeout. Told to go sit in the corner with a bunch of other pointless side characters while the big boys handled it. That is bad enough on its own, but what were the big boys doing? Sitting on a giant magical scientific widget in essentially their own self-imposed timeout. About 80% of this episode is just dudes sitting around, desperately trying to explain that they're doing something or about to do something, all while absolutely goddamned nothing happens. Is this a Dragonball episode? Are we waiting for one of them to transform to their final form? Christ. Probably.

Getting started on the Fall season preview tonight. Should be up a week from Friday.


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