Deca-Dence #10 — The Mega-Montage

September 9th, 2020


How many montages do we need exactly?


Unless my memory in this plague-addled time has gotten so bad that I'm mistaking this for another show., a month or two back, the theme of a post on an episode of this show was something like "Yeah, but is it really?" And that goes for this episode too. Essentially everything that 'happened' this week can have that asked after it, and the answer is "nope, definitely not." Natsume is sad and has lost her will to live… but did she really? Since she snaps right out of it with a big montage, sure doesn't seem like it. It's the end of all the gadoll… but is it really? One random one is a super parasite that chest-rippers itself a host and within half a day has become a new world ending god-beast, so guess not. Kaburagi is wandering off to go fight the real fight or something, declaring that Natsume's set up now to stand on her own… but is she really? You killed (not actually) a batch of monsters, but the populations is still brainwashed and enslaved. Frankly, it's a miracle the robots haven't started hunting humans for sport yet, and this would seem to be the thing to fast track that process. Kaburagi also got gut-stabbed… but did he really? He's already been 'killed' once, and came back stronger than ever before. But this time is for serious. Somehow?

So at the end of the day, we're once again going off to fight a monster of the same flavor we just supposedly defeated for the last time… for about the third time, conveniently continuing to brush off and ignore the whole military industrial complex enslaving humanity. And if it seems like I'm continuing to harp on that, it's because I find it utterly baffling that we're a couple episodes from the end, and have not made even an inch of progress towards humanity rising up against the robots enslaving them and mass murdering them as part of a game. At this point, I'm highly doubting they ever will reach that point. Instead, it threw up montages of what it thought were the emotional points of the show, and it doesn't speak well of the show that it uses the same scenes for both montages, practically back to back.


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