Deca-Dence #09 — The Button That Fixes Everything

September 2nd, 2020


You'd think they'd use some kind of 2FA system instead.


I couldn't help but think back to In/Spectre with this episode with how it had zero interest in focusing on the fight going on, and would rather go all in on random people in the background droning onward about nonsense. Sure, we could be watching the climactic fight where a supposed major character who has been nothing but a joke actually does her thing, or maybe watch the protagonists fight The Man who has confronted them in front of The Switch That Fixes Literally Everything, but first, let's make up and explain some new rules about monster physiology. Now let's cut away to the B plot antagonists who are having crises of consciousness. Wait, no. They've been curbstomped by another joke character who only did so after being threatened by another joke character.

The comparison isn't totally fair though, because there actually was some animation and fighting, not just endless droning. On the other hand though, I really despise this stupid deus ex hacker robot they introduced the last two episodes. Aside from being a constant source of exposition, she spontaneously gains the ability to 'hack' people's perceptions of reality. Why the hell was Natsume even dragged along if you have a literal reality altering wizard who pulls a new magical power out of her ass every two minutes? What did Natsume even do? Was she just there to overly melodramatically gape and mawk at the shocking reveal, having blithely gone along with everything so far without so much as a questioning look? Cause that's what it sure seemed like.

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