Deca-Dence #06 — Fall Guys

August 12th, 2020


I'm growing to kind of hate the entire robot side of this.

So much for plans to post more. I'll try again this week. I was just so… so meh on Lower Decks, and it was what I thought I'd have something to say about given my need to bring up Star Trek as my formative golden goose in narratives constantly.


I was kind of hoping that the show would use Kaburagi's obviously-not-a-death death as a chance to recenter and kind of reinvent itself centralized on Natsume. Killing off the mentor (only to bring them back as the undead/brainwashed second-to-last boss) is a tale as old as time, but Kaburagi's story and arc (such that it is) feels already pretty much played out and complete. He fought against the destiny put forth before him and protected his precious. It's the perfect chance to move the story back to the humans and shove all the stuff about how people might not actually be people, but are secretly robots playing a game, so death doesn't actually matter at all and the stakes are *waves hands vaguely*.

Instead, the episode was focused on all those things, highlighting them, reminding us of them, and bringing them to the forefront. Kaburagi is tossed into a work camp and has to fight his way into… getting to play the game again. Yeah, that's the entire episode aside from a somewhat bizarre very brief aside about how everything in game-land is on pause. I already didn't like the robot side of things much, except as maybe the oppressors to struggle against. They're just too comically evil, except for Kaburagi himself, who is a paragon of all that is good. It's simply not interesting. Oh, but he has to start a new character… except I'm not even really sure what that means. His experience and skills presumably carry over. They call out that he'll look different. Gadzooks. There's no way to deal with that. Oh no, are we about to have a second training montage episode? We are, aren't we?


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    its ep 6 not 5.