Misfit of Demon High #02 — Harem Building

July 11th, 2020


I wonder when if that one girl is ever going to get a personality.


Meanwhile, over here, we have the exact same episode as last week, except that it's a girl. And because it's a girl, and they're naturally such fragile, helpless things, all violence is indirect, and they fall in love with you for abusing and humiliating them while your dutch wife mutely looks on. They even go visit his parents again, just to remind us that his mother is part of his harem. I… don't even know what else there is to say about this show. It's low end even for trashy magical high school fantasy things and compared poorly to even shows like Akashic Records on every level, pacing, fanservice, action, animation, you name it. Remember that dreck? Now you can suffer as I do. This season is looking particularly dire.

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