Lapis Re:Lights #03 — Sex, Drugs, and ADDICTion

July 18th, 2020


Do these artists not know how bras work?

I was originally going to set this post to screenshots of Misfit of Demon High, but its episode was all dudes leaning against walls, blathering onward, so somehow, the idol show that spent the entire thing playing magical dodgeball, and then they went and took a bath had both more action and more fanservice than the show that was explicitly designed around both. What the hell happened to you, Silver Link? But the screencaps here really speak for themselves, and I promise you, that other horrible show was… just plain worse on every level.


Instead, I'd rather talk a little bit about something I did enjoy. If you remember to the way way back before the pandemic hit, I brought up an auteur-driven pilot, Hazbin Hotel, that I really liked. They put out a five minute music video the other day centered on Angel and Cherri which did more for either of their characters, particularly Angel, that did a better job rounding out and characterizing them than the whole pilot did, to say nothing of the shows this season. Show, don't tell! Let the way characters act and express themselves define their character, not their goddamned internal narration. A catchy beat helps too. 

Particularly the quick cuts between Angel reveling in his addiction and being sexually abused in both the initial climax of the song and in the cooldown at the end of the post credits really drive home why he was in the hotel without straight up announcing and explaining it. I wish the song had been part of the actual pilot instead of the maudlin intro song about Charlie they did use, not to mention that the more manic tone of it fits much better with the rest of the show's energy than Charlie's depressing woe-is-me expositional thing did. Angel (and Alastor) were already close to stealing the show anyway though. The solution to that is to make Charlie and Vaggie better though.


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  • Spencer Cliss says:

    So I take it that this is a positive review to others you’re watching then?

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