Lapis ReLiGHTs #02 — Untitled Goose Show

July 11th, 2020




I am desperately hoping one of these shows will find a way to improve to at least tolerable levels, but, and not to spoil how things went for Misfit of Demon High, that hope appears to be futile. While I would probably say that this has the stronger episode of the two, that's almost entirely because it wasn't just a gender swapped rehash of the first episode. This one actually tried to introduce the rest of the club, or harem, or dumbfaffel, or whatever you want to call their clique. They do this in… pretty much the same way that the first episode went, a tour of the campus and town. Yes, I am still saying it's not as much of a rehash as the other show.

But that's also the start and end of its ambition, and the additional cast are all similarly awkward and hapless blobs, mostly distinguishable from each other by hair color. They eventually chase a goose until they catch it, and then go to the real attraction of the show, a concert. Cause there ain't one of those in every other damn show. Take a page from Galaxy Angel or (the first season of) Milky Holmes, guys. Gleefully torture your idiots. Well, it still wouldn't have the animation or expressiveness of either even if it did adopt a no hug/no learning rule, but we're still left with "girls: they exist," and a show that doesn't seem all that interested in anything more than that.

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