God of High School #02 — The Job Squad

July 13th, 2020


If their name is in red, they win.

Sorry for the lateness and lower resolution. I blame this place's awful ISP, although I didn't bring my main laptop assuming that it'd stay up and able to be connected to for more than 5 minutes, which was naive on my part, apparently.


It wouldn't be a Mappa show if the budget didn't fall apart after the first episode, and yes, I'm going to say that despite the 10 second ridiculously overanimated sequence that came after 30 seconds of ridiculously overanimated posing that they tried to pass off as an action sequence. But we'll get to why that was terrible after discussing the profoundly tedious 15 minutes of the episode that came before that. Actually, what is there to discuss? Instead of the bike chase sequence from last week, they splashed around in a river. Instead of a montage where everybody did some fighting, we got a montage where we skipped over them fighting. Still had the bizarre bit at the start about that island getting palm-slapped though. Maybe they'll tie that in to the rest eventually.

But on to the main event, where all the budget for the episode went. One dude does a bunch of over-animated posing and punches a guy, who just has perfect immunity to it. Then he beats up the guy, the peanut gallery all gasping at the brutality of it, despite not showing any of it, nor the guy having so much as a bruise to that point, so the protagonist jumps in and clowns the guy in return. But wait, he has a second form. So the protagonist… one-shots him again, while clowning the refs, only to be one-shot by the super ref. Cause… you know, the hallmark of a great fight scene is total immunity to punches, followed by being repeatedly one-shot. It's like kids on a playground. "I killed you!" "Nuh uh! I completely blocked it! I killed you!" I would say that even Dragonball wouldn't be this bad, but that's because it would have stretched it out across at least three episodes. And have I mentioned the inane flashbacks in the middle of them? It's like a perfect storm of contrivance and lazy writing. I really can't say that the 10 seconds of animation are worth the price of suffering through the rest.

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  • abc says:

    What i find this funny is the Persona 5 References or is this more “Drill to the Heaven!” Easter egg?

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