Deca-Dence #03 — Montage to Nothing

July 22nd, 2020


What did we even montage for?


And yet, when the alternative is the show's writing, bring on the montages. Whether it's explaining that ranged attacks are super ineffective because they're just inherently weak (for some inexplicable reason) before then using exclusively ranged attacks, or telling us that the whole thing is being run by Buy n Large and Auto, or putting a sack on the monster-dog and all of a sudden nobody can tell it's a monster, the writing remains… well, horrific is probably the best description. That the super computers who can mind control the world can't deal with someone's heart momentarily stopping is the least of the "wait, what" moments of random things it declares throughout the episode.

In any case, leaving all that aside, it was still a pretty weak episode. They did the montaging to make I-Still-Haven't-Learned-Her-Name-Yet halfway competent, then she declared her prosthetic arm was what was holding her back, but instead of getting a new one or proving it wrong, dropped that to give the backstory of the monster dog. It was… the dude found a monster dog, and decided on a whim to keep it. So then after dropping all the original setup, we get yet more setup for next week. Putting a whole lot of eggs in one basket here, guys. Maybe focus better and finish the first main plot thread before moving onto the next, okay? 


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