Princess Connect #11 — Discipline Through Physical Abuse

June 15th, 2020


We definitely needed more hyperactive screaming twits.


Did this episode just forget to write all the middles? It starts out very traditionally sitcom-ish, complete with Karyl flat out yelling what could/should have been the "thing a character wants" for the episode, to wit "You don't respect my space." Instead of, say, her getting what she thinks she wants, and then learning what she really wants and the status quo restored, she just straight up vanishes from the episode and changes her mind at the end based on nothing. I don't feel like I'm asking for an earth shattering epiphany and massive character development here, just a simple line connecting point A to point B.

Similarly, they introduce two hyperactive possessive stalkers for Yuuki who shout that they're hyperactive stalkers, do it a second time, and then wander back out of the episode without having done anything but explained their schtick. There's also something a little unsettling about a character who controls another one by physically beating them. They definitely needed the hyperactive one to be more insane or perhaps even murderous to make that joke work. Headbutting someone into a delirious state because they're getting excited to do the thing that you just did isn't made less squitchy by over-animating the headbutting.


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