Princess Connect #10 — Projectile Vomiting

June 8th, 2020


How many Halloween based guilds are there exactly?


Well, it was… certainly an episode. Lacking compared to the last episode about a guild full of Halloween cosplayers, it lacked focus, a coherent narrative, and had screaming children throwing temper tantrums as its main humor vector. Multiple screaming children. Screaming about pudding. And this is on top of introducing about four characters, one of which to solely provided an explanation of the situation, and two who didn't even serve that purpose. Which just left… two. Goddamned. Screaming. Children. 

I'm not even sure how you'd go about fixing this episode. The main characters are just dragged along and stand there, patiently suffering through the constant barrage of tantrums, and then they up and drop the whole vampire queen thing halfway they spent about three minutes painstakingly explaining to go back to screaming about pudding. I guess they got as far in both cases of introducing some kind of challenge/conflict for the heroes, powering up the vampire brat or making pudding for the ghost brat. Maybe you run with either of those. Galaxy Angel did a whole bit on Milfeulle turning herself into ice cream as a side note in one of its episodes. This couldn't even come up with a single joke about them being turned into pudding except for… they've been turned into pudding.

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