Princess Connect #09 — Obligatory Beach Episode

June 1st, 2020


As much effort went into writing the title of this post as the entire script of this episode.


Just when I was thinking that all they needed to hit every goddamned cliche on the checklist was spawn an octopus monster to tentacle grope them, lo and behold, one spawned. It's probably a miracle that they restrained themselves enough to not also have some kind of stupid test of courage bit too. They probably would have if they didn't have to fit in that excessively long "yay friends" speech at the end where they all held hands underwater, drawn in by the melodramatic magic of… uh… right. We forgot to have any kind of plot to the episode.

Which is to say that it was a brainless, dumb twenty minutes, made up entirely of going down the list of all the things in a beach episode and doing them one by one. Mostly, the one clearly perpetually horny girl made me wonder how sexually frustrated every single named character must be. Can't even show them being in relationships with each other, because then they might not like the player character! Pretty sure that's not where the mind was meant to go during this, but when you're not going to fill the time with jokes, story, or action, or even really fanservice aside from a light costume change from one fetish to another, you get what you get.

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