Harley Quinn #26 — Boob Punch

June 26th, 2020


Come on, Jennifer. Focus up.


I really don't get why Gordon with a cockamamie plan was the eleventh hour final boss after bringing back the Justice League, Joker, and god only knows what else. But I also still don't understand what the writers think they're doing with Kite Man. Even up to his bitter end, he's still spouting all the same misogynistic nonsense that you would think would be anathema to the show, yet he's the one who dumped Ivy because "he deserves better." He really, really doesn't. And of all the angles they could've come at with him, that she repeatedly lied to and betrayed him, that she murdered his rival on a whim without talking to him, that they apparently don't communicate at all on any level about anything, they instead focused on how he 'had to' badger her into a relationship, and that's not fair to him. The absolute hell?

In any case, we reach our expected ending with Ivy being forced at essentially gunpoint to drive off into the sunset with Harley. Really wish they had worked in the supporting cast a bit better, but they seemed to be mired in the 'hilarious' joke that a guy who looked like Tim Burton was at the wedding. You'd think between all the relationship schticks they've done with King Shark, Nora, and even Joker, one of them might have something to say, but… "There's a guy here who I think is Tim Burton." 


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One Lonely Comment

  • Axauv says:

    I loved this episode! The only thing that irks me is that Jennifer, who absolutely REEKS of Karen, is allowed to do any damage to Harley. I just watched episode one and two again with a friend who has never seen it (She’s addicted now) and HQ is a straight up NINJA. She would not allow Jennifer to land a hit on her (maybe the boob punch bc it was a sucker punch, but the second punch she would have dodged it).

    I understand in Harley doesn’t want to beat Jennifer to a pulp which she could do in 0.84 seconds, but she could at least defend herself, block a punch or something. So that part was just stupid. The rest of it was perfect, and the only thing wrong is I have to wait so long for season 3 :(