Harley Quinn #25 — Synet Online

June 19th, 2020


My kite sense is fluttering.


I stick to what I said last week. All this would work so much better if it was more framed as Ivy making poor/psychically influenced decisions rather than being mind controlled along the way. Hell, they had her tied up by the goddamned lasso of truth, and then just let her out of it without seemingly even realizing that. Chekov's unfired gun much? They also very much did the anime thing of explaining the super stupid cliche, and then doing it anyway with the "true love's kiss," only very half-assedly trying to paper over it with an after-the-fact attempted explanation that it's because Psycho was distracted by seeing them kiss… while ranting about how he's watched them have sex. So… not making a huge ton of sense there either.

The core problem still boils down to what the problem with Kiteman has always been, that her relationship with him has always been a gag, so putting all the eggs into that basket for the finale feels like an incredibly big mistake. It feels doubly a mistake to have Darkseid quite literally just wander off due to being given a motivational "I believe in myself now" speech. Couldn't we at least have him stuck around long enough to be a supposed menace for the finale? I don't even know what the finale next week is really supposed to be. Will they/won't they between Kiteman, a complete gag, and Harley, representing everything fun and healthy in a relationship? Please.

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