Harley Quinn #24 — Read the Room

June 12th, 2020


Was this version of Batman ever not a horrible detective?


Another episode that feels largely okay, but would've worked a lot better with a few nudges here and there. Joker having a loving, stable relationship with a sassy suburban mom is fine enough, although is definitely something Venture Bros did to death, and even this has already wrung a lot of blood from. I just feel like it would've worked a lot better had it been an epiphany from him that he/Harley came to while fighting the parademons. Like she was always fun, but not a real relationship to him, while sassy Hispanic single mom was. Done by him gushing over all the crazy but normal kind of pyschoish stuff she and her kids did while off murdering monsters from hell until they both sort of realize that's what love is and/or a healthy divide between professional and personal lives.

Sort of similarly, the time they spent with those dumbass recap intro and outro sequences would have been much better spent on setting up and executing Ivy's B plot, but especially with it being much less that she's being totall mind controlled to kill Harley. They could've done a real bit of development there where she wants to move on, past, and away from Harley, and Psycho just removes a little mental block or gives her a psychic nudge to make that more literal/murderous, but the actual feelings are somewhat there. That whole thing gets totally wiped out and erased by a total mindjack though. When the inevitable power of love breaks it, it'll mean a lot less than had they acknowledged and embraced that Ivy was trying to get Harley out of her life.


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