Harley Quinn #23 — Swole Riddler

June 5th, 2020


I genuinely don't understand why Gordon was even in this episode.


First off, I don't buy that Sy is dead for a moment. Not after they pulled that crap with Ivy at the end of the first season, but also handing over the cyborg eye. Second, I really wish they had leaned into either bringing back the Joker as a necessary evil, or as a bad decision from Harley being in a bad place. I'm honestly not even sure how we're supposed to take it. Psycho and Riddler doesn't scream super unstoppable team and they didn't do all that much to sell them as a major threat that needs extreme measures to defeat, but that seems to be more of what they were going for. 

Yet, at the same time, if you go back to the start of the episode, Harley was lamenting that basically, she didn't have a soulmate… ie the Joker, any more to pal around with, and they certainly could have used the episode of her stuck with Nega-Joker to re-kindle those feelings while she was heartbroken, or at the very least, make her nostalgic for the time period of season one and trying to restore the status quo to what it was then. She didn't want that though, and is resolving the mess she created and never fixes by… bringing back the Joker so he can bring back the Justice League so they can fix her mess for her? This was a mess that didn't even exist ten minutes ago, and she hasn't even genuinely tried to fix. Nega-Joker was also obviously one skinned knee from reverting to a psychopath anyway, which otherwise would have also added some heavy drama to the decision if he had been a genuinely decent (if obnoxious) person.


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