Gleipnir #13 — Chekhov’s Artillery

June 28th, 2020


This was close to a twenty minute tour of introduced-then-abandoned plot threads.


Which is to say, all the plot threads. That random muggle girl who's been hanging around. The one dude they fought about eight episodes ago. The team of useless stupid people. Even the crazy-haired dude from last week and his pet dead girlfriend. They didn't even try to resolve any of them. At best, one of them got to play taxi cab. At least it's nice that they let Clair be a part of this episode after kicking her to the curb for the last two weeks. And by be a part of it, I mean got to sit on the sideline. I mean, when she wasn't laying on her back, saying it was okay to rape her. What a heroine.

Well, I suppose at least they bothered to animate the last pointless punch-up. If this had been the baseline for the entire show, it could've at least been passable, but this was far too little, far late. I'm not even sure I could follow what the final dumbass plot twists were supposed to be. That crazy-hair made a wish to kill everybody, which has made the ghost of his dead crush kill everybody they care about, so Elena is going around magically erasing 'connections,' so she won't kill him, and that's why he's 'empty' inside? Couldn't we have just said he was dead and actually the doll? Or would that be too simple and make too much sense? Not that it matters since they just go "Last TWEEEST dropped. Peace out!" and it unceremoniously ends without having resolved anything. Fantastic.


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