Gleipnir #12 — Crazy Hair

June 21st, 2020


Who asked for this episode?


Great. A whole episode flashback, one episode from the end. Worse, all it does is reveal the backstory for the rando who's squatting in the middle of nowhere. Worse than that, it's all just petty people being petty dicks. Girl A wished to be Girl B, and took her place. So then the dude killed her. What is all of this leading up to? The 'reveal' that Shuichi Wanted Power™ to Protect the Important Things®. From apparently the unknown threat of a dude who wandered off into the woods. So just some indistinct and unknown quasi-threat. That's right up there with "existential angst" and "adult society." 

Anyway, on an unrelated note, season preview will be up on probably next Tuesday (as in 9 days). Coronavirus has done an absolute hatchet job on the season, even including the things pushed back from last season, and there's only about 16 shows expected at the moment, of which about 5 are sequels, and a bunch of those are thing that were originally meant to air in spring. It'll likely be… another slow season.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Eugen says:

    Actually, this story was pretty good. Girl A killed herself. Girl B wished to transform into Girl A because she didn’t want people to suffer the loss of Girl A, thinking that nobody would be sad if she, Girl B died. But the guy who loved Girl A realized someone else was impersonating her, and killed the impostor thinking it was malicious.

    It’s a pretty sad story.

    • Aroduc says:

      It's flashbacks for a character who for all intents and purposes didn't exist two episodes ago, barely existed last week, and whose only connection to the main characters or ongoing events is being slapped on post-hoc with the slapdash excuse of amnesia. Making silly faces is not pathos. Saying one thing, and then immediately saying that it was a lie is not a twist. Retconning is not development, particularly when you're retconning inside of a retcon.

      And all of it is based on people just flat out never explaining goddamned anything. How many times is the reason for angstily mawking for the camera going to be "I did something that seems horrible with a perfectly reasonable explanation, but I'm going to deliberately obfuscate it?" A lot, apparently.