Gleipnir #11 — Eleventh Hour Origin Story

June 14th, 2020


Good lord, the angsty melodrama in this episode was excessive.


What it really needed to do to earn it was move the stuff with the random dude to the front, and put it in front of everybody. Hell, sub him out for that supposed friend. A no quarter killing of a helpless guy after you've already won the battle sells all the angsting about how they're becoming monsters too far better than a desperate ploy to cover their escape against a pack of literal monsters who indiscriminantly murder random people and carry around pieces of their corpses to terrorize others. It got to having him personally murdering a helpless dude eventually, but that was also undercut a little bit by the guy being a drooling mad lunatic.

What the episode absolutely did not do was move towards any kind of conclusion whatsoever. Instead, it seemingly took the last three or four minutes to set up what appears to be the origin story for the setting's gimmick. Because the most important character to focus on right now is… the setting? In any case, I guess that means we're heading either towards an announcement of another season, or just "Buy the manga!" Neither is a good tease to the next episode.


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