Gleipnir #10 — Oops, Guess I’ll Just Die

June 7th, 2020


What a plan. What execution.


Uh, is this really how this arc ends? After catching up to the good guys, the murder pack just up and wanders off, leaving them time to think about things, so they can set a fire of 'death' flowers to cover their escape… except the fire ends up offing the whole murder squad? Couldn't we have come up with some kind of distraction to let them escape in the first place instead of… uh, just wandering off? Hell, the murder squad didn't even kill camera head. The good guys did. Wait, did the good guys even realize that he had run off to betray them? It's not like they had just set a giant fire or anything. Shouldn't they have stopped to look for him? Or assumed he was grabbed by the murder squad or something before setting the forest on fire and running off? No? Okay, whatever.

Yeah, it was another pretty bad episode. This whole mountain arc has been fairly awful. Where's the visceral, brutal action like we got with that first fight from the runner girl? Why are we wandering around aimlessly in the middle of nowhere, picking fights with randos just because they're there and then running away again because there was no reason to fight them in the first place? We're at the third time they've pulled this so far in only ten episodes, and each incident of it is worse than the last. Well, at least things are almost over and we can move on to… probably a bunch of shows that are canceled, delayed, or production crippled by the global pandemic. Optimism!


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