Princess Connect #07 — Random Encounters

May 18th, 2020


Emphasis on random.


I don't get this episode, and I feel like I'm saying that a terrifying amount in recent months. It's not any one thing, but the collection of bizarre decisions on both the writing and directing front. They poured quite a bit of effort into animating the fight… against a random woman who jumped them for no reason but to keep them busy. It even includes another arbitrary power up for our potato-sack of a protagonist. You know, the same as he got when he bumped his head doing light housework. His new power is the exact same as his old power. He glows, other people glow, then he gets knocked out… again… and she wanders off. None of that is a joke, mind you. But none of that is even the main plot of the episode. It's the B Plot at best. 

The 'main' plot is that one of those random girls got possessed by a dark clone thing instead of… uh… again, I'm not entirely certain here, but apparently teleported to some other random woman's house and absorbed into her boobs? That's the first and last we see of her or the other victims, which I guess are just going forgotten and unsaved. Anyway, the possessed idiot attacks the village… almost entirely offscreen, until her friend comes back and telepathically tells her to try harder, and then they win. Couldn't we have used main characters for this? Wouldn't this have worked just fine for Pecorine and Karyl, especially considering they had the exact same conversation earlier in the episode, except it was because one looked grumpy for a second? Why are we trying to super dramatize a pair of total randos fighting… again, I'm not even sure what they're fighting. They call them shadows (in English), and the two protagonists who interacted with them in any way did so by vaporizing dozens of them with marginal effort. Like I said, I don't get this episode, and all I can think is that this was probably some side story in the source material not involving the main characters in any way, and adapting the material to smooth that out in any way is just a bridge too far for these writers.


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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    Is like a dumbed down Konosuba, this show is made for stupid people, the main character is a fucking silent kirito, he is 100% retarded, barely speaks one liners, and everyone ignores him in his own fucking show, the other are even worse from the OP version of Darkness with a crown, to the Megumin with cat tails and ears and the personality-less flat aqua priest wanna be, to the Eris goddess with a clockwork cloak or whatever.

    They do not even care to explain what the fuck is this show about, is just outright stupid Konosuba version or will they mix Shokugeki no Souma elements later? Did anyone took five minutes to check what the fuck they were doing?