Princess Connect #05 — Love in the Time of Nipple Rashes

May 4th, 2020


The real wonder is why they don't have any nipple rashes with all that exposed boob.


On one hand, they found a new gimmick for Kokkkoro besides making that one particularly stupid face. The crazy voodoo forest person schtick might work, in kind of a similar way to Kenneth from 30 Rock… if they actually leaned into it rather than just using it for the single gag of making some kind of noxious poulstice three or four times. I also probably wouldn't horribly mind it if the deadpan murderous dragon-girl became something of a regular, but that could just be that she's apparently a favorite of the animation team since the budget takes a sharp tick upward, and that she's much easier on the ears than listening to the cat girl constantly shrieking. Then again, she interacts with literally no characters in the cast in the whole episode, so who even knows? And yes, I am not counting the token penis-haver around which everything must revolve as a character.

On the other hand, as much as I'm trying not to say that anime writing is baffling, this was an episode with a number of baffling elements. They're in a supposed hospital where the walls, floor, and ceiling are literally covered in bloody handprints, and this is just a thing that goes unnoticed and uncommented upon. Is that meant to be a joke? Then they discover that it's not a hospital, and it's full of deranged mad scientist lunatics, which they apparently respond to by going "Eh, whatever," leaving, going home, and then some twelve hours later realizing that oh wait, there's a super sketchy guild we totally forgot about and it could be them. Whereupon we rediscover for now the third time, in a long segment featuring the peanut gallery screaming it, that this is not a real hospital and it's full of deranged lunatics. A few steps could have been skipped here to perhaps try to fit in more actual content, guys.  Assuming they could even come up with it.

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