Princess Connect #05 — Adventure to Nowhere

May 11th, 2020


The narrative of this episode was a slight mess.


I got pessimistic with this episode pretty quickly when it declared they were finally going to do a real adventure, and immediately the generic Atelier music kicked in and we did a generic Aterlier montage of random landscapes. You'd still think though, that when they immediately follow that up with a shot of a forest filled with magical evil clones, that at some point in the episode, a forest filled with magical evil clones would figure into the episode. You would be completely wrong though. Maybe in a lesser show, but we're an Epic Adventure here, so despite coming at approximately three minutes into the episode, that's a teaser for next week. Or maybe the week after that. Who even knows when they'll get around to it? Maybe the protagonists won't ever go there at all.

So what was the episode about? The penis-haver got dragged off by a random monster while the rest were sleeping off getting high from eating weird berries and then were dragged by elves to the village they were going to in the first place. And, uh… they also meet some random wizard? And that's where their story unceremoniously just stops. Episode over. Not so much any kind of narrative here as another in the seemingly endless drive-bys of meet-cutes to check off every character from the source game. Couldn't we have perhaps merged the two halves of this episode instead of seemingly taking place in entirely different dimensions?

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  • elior1 says:

    About a show you can review during the year i suggest to try the long show called inuyasha the original series. It have lots of action and character development

  • The Phantom says:

    OK I was avoiding this obvious konosuba wannabe but since you keep posting about it I guess I should give it try.