Harley Quinn #22 — Cobb Squad

May 29th, 2020


I'm surprised they haven't done a bit with the Punisher or Moon Knight, mad she's horning in on killing all the villains yet.


This episode was really missing two key things to make it work, and neither of them were a long parody of Under The Sea about pooping, which is what we got instead. First, it really desperately needed Harley to actually screw up in the way that Ivy said she does at the end. Choosing stability and comfort over excitement and craziness is fine enough, but they just spent an entire episode on how awesome the latter is while the former was portrayed as… dudes waiting impatiently to finish a jigsaw puzzle. If Harley's last speech had been some (perfectly in character) crazed lunatic scheme, that would have connected a lot better. As it stands, as far as the show is concerned, Ivy and Harley together are the sole rock and core relationship, so it rings rather hollow.

The other thing the episode needed to do was at least make the slight argument that Kiteman was at least a passable choice, from either a stability and comfort angle, or that he had a genuine connection to Ivy angle, and not an obnoxious, boorish, twit. Instead, we got that King Shark Little Mermaid parody, where at the end of it, he delivered the same speech as Harley, which went completely ignored. When they reunited, they flew off to watch TV. This was especially weird to me because of the Jennifer joke character, Ivy's suburban friend who was honestly more of a sadistic villain than Catwoman was this week. Nora to a lesser extent too.

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