Harley Quinn #21 — Giving the Entire City Mono

May 22nd, 2020


Suburban murder WASPs.


I know I said last week… and the week before for that matter… that I was sick of Harley learning the valuable lesson that friends are the real magic, but I was really hoping this episode was leading up to her army of parademons ripping Kiteman's head off, because I am just really sick of his schtick. Not the kite crap. The "he is the best guy ever, but like… all offscreen, where you don't see it, I mean, take my word for it, it really happens, okay!" Particularly in a show that started out with nonstop toxic relationship stuff. Adding "Oh, and his parents were mean to him," doesn't help. Feels more like they stole that gag from Scrubs, without understanding the irony. Nor did it help that his parents were kind of amusing as suburban villain WASPs, obsessed with and idolizing some random low end Mexican chain restaurant. 

That was the B part of the episode though. The A part was all about how much blood you could wring from Harley overcompensating for the kiss at the end of last week, something outright explained to the audience I want to say at least four times, in case anybody hadn't quite gotten the joke. Made worse by dodging any resolution of it at the end. I suppose Psycho also wouldn't stop with talking about his dick. I feel like Harley's side would have worked a lot better had it been the B plot, or even C plot. Just random cut to her in increasingly ridiculous and escalating situations with no explanation of how she got there, like Escape to the House of Mummies II. Then again, that would have meant more Kiteman. Probably should have just come up with a couple more jokes instead so they wouldn't need to run the two they had into the absolute ground.


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