Gleipnir #09 — The Jobbing Rape Centipede

May 31st, 2020


So… did blade-hands just get kicked out of the show or something?


I suppose that my initial assumption when the other team appeared was that we'd be doing the Jump thing where everybody splits up, pairs off, and we have an impromptu mini-tournament. Against a bunch of randos isn't exactly how you'd expect to end the season, but god forbid we adapt. Regardless, that was setting expectations far too high. Hell, it was setting expectations far too intelligent too. It's almost comical the way characters keep announcing things like "we have the numbers," "we walked straight into an ambush," or "he's trying to stall us," only for them to then send one one dude at a time, let them run out of the ambush, and I guess stop and have a picnic… while the protagonists themselves were also having a picnic and digging a grave.

This is on top of the antagonists being ridiculous rapist murderers. Does that sales pitch really work? Join us or die while we're molesting you. Also, here's the head of a random woman we murderered. See how super serious we are? No? Well, maybe I can cackle like a lunatic some more. I think the really dumb part of the episode may be the one dude finally revealing that his power is that he's… a bit stronger than a normal person, whereupon they use the same choreography as when costume-face tried to punch the centipede, but this time it works. Not lazy at all, guys.

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