Gleipnir #08 — Petty and Catty: The Episode

May 24th, 2020


Punching a tree was definitely something we needed the danger music for.


Right up there with the unnecessarily CGI bicycle, and that random muggle girl that's constantly popping up, and at this point, I just plain doubt she's ever going to have anything to do with anybody. It's not like there was anything else going on with the episode though. You'd think that it would be moving towards some kind of climax, but they spent the whole thing standing around in circles, blathering pointlessly at each other. Also, I guess we keep cutting to girls stepping out of the shower for some reason. 

About the most you could say is that Claire is jealous and suspicious of dog-girl. Meanwhile, dog-girl is having her own big ol' exposition dump phone call with Elena, which can double as a drinking game for every time they say his stupid name. Nothing particularly interesting came out of it though. Just a bunch of insecure girls squabbling over a worthless twerp, no doubt because he was nice to them one time, because that's always what it is.


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