Gleipnir #06 — Key Party

May 10th, 2020


It's nice that the protagonist showed up this week and then lay on their backs for twenty straight minutes.


A very dull episode that is all setup and zero payoff. I guess at least there's multiple plot threads introduced, so it's not just one very dull bit of setup to follow. It's the small victories. Anyway, I'm not sure which to call the A Plot and which to call the B Plot, but both involve the main duo getting split up and having pseudo-sex with some random girl in the team they've decided to horn in on. Claire gets to have bondage sex and a cursed widget shoved into her neck. Mr. No Personality gets to have a cat girl crawl inside him to writhe and moan while a jealous dude with a camera for a head watches and stews over it. 

So… yeah. They've set up that there could be issues over these things; challenges to face, conflicts to resolve, or perhaps not and these are stepping off points for whatever's going to come next week where they mitigate the not-quite-betrayal of each other's intimacy this week… or maybe that's not even a thing that either of them care about. I'm not even sure. Neither of them have enough of a personality to say, and they spent the entire episode pretty much just laying back and taking it, which is probably another unpleasant pseudo-sexual metaphor here. Anyway, I'm rambling because it was a boring episode with no stakes to start with, and the second half became increasingly clear that there wouldn't be any for this week, so made it very easy to tune right the hell out.

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