Gleipnir #05 — Strong Strong the Strong

May 3rd, 2020


Drink every time he says strong and watch your brain die.


Better than last week's 20 minute long info dump, I suppose, but I guess we've moved into the tournament portion of the show, and I'm not really sure that this approach to it is any better than, say, the Darwin's Game approach where they entered a magical pocket dimension ruled by a long codex of rules and regulations that were all listed out. Here, they just kind of wander into the mountains and have a smaller list of rules and regulations that basically amount to "Well, uh, only dudes collecting the Dragon Balls coins will be here." So then they run into a dude, and it's immediately "We must kung fu fight." 

The setup is bad, but it's not totally unsalvagable had the action at this point been solid or there then developed some kind of plot to the encounter, particularly if they went in sort of a horror bend of the unstoppable killer monster hunting them down. Hell, just crib from Resident Evil 3 if you must. It's an entire game/story based around just that. Unfortunately, the dude's entire schtick is that he wants to be strong to be strong and so he wished to be strong, and he's strong here to strong strong the strong strong. It does attempt to poke fun at his schtick once, but he's largely a big knifey dude who spends most of his screen time rambling about how strong he is, only to give up the moment he's taken by surprise, whereupon he declares that the protagonist is The True Strong and he dedicates his life to them. Not exactly the knock-down drag-out visceral brutal fight we got with the girl, and much more of a transparent jobber/hype-man for our Gary Stu of a doormat protagonist.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tolrin says:

    I’m really not certain the show needs quite so much emphasis on the fan service with all the close ups of her panties, but the total lack of climax with the last minute monster did amuse me.

  • The Phantom says:

    I can live without fanservice I actually dislike it, but hell I love violence, splitting that monster in two made my day, nowhere near as epic as that girl revolver’ed in the back of past episode but hey I accept what I get.