Wave, Listen to Me! #04 — Move Backwards to Move Backwards

April 24th, 2020


So much for leaving the restaurant.


Another episode that has no real plot, purpose, development, or structure. Just twenty minutes of listening to a Japanese woman ramble aimlessly like a deranged lunatic, but can't even sustain its supposed moving out of the crappy job, because we're right back to that and the radio people side are all but completely absent. Will this other ominous woman be anything? Or will she be just like the supposedly crazy religious guy and pitched in the bin after the very long windup leads to one disappointing gag? Do I even care? Unlikely.

Aaand I'm pretty well prepared to throw in the towel for newly airing shows for the Tuesday to Thursday span after another dud episode here too. The thing that I really don't get, with all these Friday shows, is that none of them are following through on their own sales pitch. Let's have a show about musical fighting robots! Let's have a show about wacky races across the US! Let's have a show about a crazy lady hosting a ridiculous late night radio show! So then the shows will be about those things, right? Apparently no. Granted, the next episode preview appears to be her finally, finally taking the job after a goddamned month of waffling around, but is it really going to completely switch gears like that? I have my doubts.

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