Wave, Listen to Me #03 — Sleepover

April 17th, 2020


Isn't she a bit old for a slumber party?


And here, I struggle for what to say. The cliffhanger last week of the supposedly stalkerish guy and tease to start the episode ended up being a fat lot of nothing. She barges into a random dude's apartment when she gets drunk. That's the start, middle, and apparent end of that plot thread, despite the three or four hundred words used in it.

The rest of the episode was… pretty much the same as the previous, and still contains no bear fighting or crazy radio-based cults as I had hoped it would fast track to. You can certainly make a show around a neurotic thirty something woman being thrown into A Man's World (or whatever), and lord knows there's a billion western shows about lady doctors, lawyers, and writers on those lines, but without any kind of plot in the episode, or structure at all, it's all just the white noise of being ranted at. Not even a back and forth. Just… a loud, never-ceasing, directionless monlogue.


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