Tower of God #02 — Being Put in Time Out

April 8th, 2020


It's the second goddamned episode.


Okay, so the overly long tutorial is finally out of the way, time to get to that hyped up battle royale that we ended last week with, right? Nah, of course not. It's time for a meet and greet, and then it's off to a waiting room somewhere else, where the protagonist is going to drive the story by… sitting on his ass for the rest of the entire episode, while randos push on a wall until they pop through. Not by figuring anything out, or winning some kind of challenge. It's just a goddamned overcomplicated sorting hat for reducing an abitrary off-screen number from one amount to another while the protagonist sits on his ass and continues to get info-dumped at. What an exciting story this is and promises to be in the future! Such compelling characters. Such trials they face. Such heroism in overcoming them. Stay tuned for next week when they wait in an elevator for fifteen minutes and then have to achieve victory over a queue.

And if you're wondering about the repressed lesbian baseball show, it was the same as last week, but slightly boobier. Wednesdays are a loss for the season, same as Tuesdays. I'll attempt to think of something to put in them.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Miaakira says:

    I agree with this completely. I cannot understand why this show is so hyped…

  • The Phantom says:

    Way to kill the tension of the fight by showing everyone in a goofy way, at least they kinda killed a few of them last episode but here was just off screen fights and then sitting around.

    At least Tower of Druaga had an amazing goofy opening episode, but here you can tell they have no idea what is this show about or what it wants to do. Is a complete trainwreck.