Princess Connect #02 — Caterwauling

April 13th, 2020


I miss the derpwolves already.


This was a profoundly more irritating episode than the first, although is continuing to sideline the supposed protagonist. Seriously, I'm not sure he even had five lines this week, and at least two of them were "Mmhmm," and "Agh!" He spends most of the episode staring blankly like they're carting around and enslaved to a strangely dressed log. I'm legitimately not sure that any character besides the slave elf even directly speaks to him at any point in this episode. It's better than him being a sad sack or taking any focus, but it begs the question as to why he exists at all. It'd be quite a twist if he was eventually revealed to be a sack of flour that she's carting around and everybody feels too bad for the clearly mentally damaged idiot to say otherwise.

Anyway, the reason it was more irritating is because the new character is one of what would be called in polite company "a screaming child." Her schtick is that she wants to murder them via controlling monsters, but mostly by throwing a nonstop tantrum about them interacting with her in any way. That's also her primary joke, shrieking hysterically about everything while they are ignorant about her wanting to kill them. I suppose I should be grateful it's not 2010, or she would be the primary protagonist, chasing after the Shana/Louise archetype. Just one episode of her was more than enough. Stick to the derpwolves and punching dragons, please. 

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  • elior1 says:

    Well this is it. Most of the spring shows has been delayed due to the covid 19 so you won’t have spring shows to review

  • Fede5000 says:

    If there is not the typical protagonist of anime, the show thinks that it will lose its target audience for not having your MC self-insert although it does not have an important role and not even they know what to do with it, since they only care about writing for their girls, I think most shows suffer the same, they don’t want these guys, but it’s part of their quota, maybe that explains the other show with the guy who became a furry suit.