Princess Connect #01 — Attack of the Derpwolves

April 6th, 2020


At least a much worse identical show aired just yesterday.


And here we have a marginally more competent version of that harem gacha show from yesterday that benefits hugely from having something so similar, yet exceeds it in every way. The protagonist is slightly less of a piece of crap. The monsters are more amusingly derpier. The animation is just a little bit better. The fanservice is a bit flouncier. The slave harem makes a few more derpy faces. Only a quarter of it is spent on tutorials. It's certainly more watchable, and there is a certain amusement to be had from watching the worthless protagonist being dragged off by derpwolves with worms in their brains, so the show has at least some understanding of what visual comedy is rather than just shouting nonstop.

It's still mostly kind of terrible though, even taking the comparison into account, especially the protagonist being bequeathed with a slave wife whose only joy and purpose in life is to serve him, and his purpose in life is to just sort of exist and exude protagonist power. Getting flattened by mushrooms and eaten by derpwolves helps blunt that a little bit, but we're still supposed to be in awe of him because he blocked one attack and then started emitting the glow of Having a Penis. Given the other things on the day, I'm sure I'll give it a second look, but I highly doubt this will be a brainless fanservicey thing at best, and doubt it'll live up to the high heights of shows like… uh… Dog Days or Campanella?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    this one was fun

    not sure I’d say good but it was fun

  • jgoi says:

    The girls look appealing but the MC, why does it have to be another kirito-type?

  • JCAll says:

    Oh my god, I love the derpwolves. Can they be the protagonists instead?

  • Fede5000 says:

    I would named it the repeated facial joke gags show