President, It’s Time For Battle #01 — Tutorials For Days

April 5th, 2020


In desperate need of a skip function.


How little must you think of your audience when you're out here explaining the concepts of dungeons, that there can be danger inside dungeons, and that you can exchange items you find inside for money? And then you have the protagonist going "Whoa. This is all really complicated and I can't follow it." Almost enough to make you ignore that the purple haired one keeps insisting that they're unable to function without specifically him in charge of them. Why him? It's I guess supposed to be a joke that she keeps insisting on it without explanation. The height of comedy, here. Maybe they can have a few more shots perfectly framing her chest for no reason.

I guess the best you can say is that it's probably harmless enough. Production is on the crap side of low, there's no story, and the whole conflict of the episode is that the doormat of a protagonist is bullied into following tutorials for fifteen minutes and then throws slime at some poor dog. Not exactly a grand triumph of strength or character. Not even a sensible one either. It has tail-radar! Slime the tail! Yeah, sure, show. That's definitely a thing that dogs are known for. Whatever you say. 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    I understand that just about every anime is somebody’s first anime but they don’t all have to take that tack.

  • The Phantom says:

    I could not help but laugh my ass off at the loading screen they throw after going inside the dungeon, halfassed all the way.