Millionaire Detective #01 — Rich Dick Humiliates Everybody

April 9th, 2020


What a weird show.


It's almost worth watching just because it's like staring through the looking glass into a baffling fantasy world, more foreign than any of those things with magic, monsters, or universe traveling teenage godlings. The protagonist was kicked out of the 'good' police division because he cared too much about… uh… I'm not even sure what. Being a cop, I think? And the 'good' cops are like "What? We're not telling ANYBODY about the terrorist attack, even after arresting the terrorist and confirming a bomb."

And then the actual antagonists of the week are a pair of incompetent thieves using paint guns who accidentally hold up a chocolate store and then hijack the terrorist van, but the titular hero swoops in, literally beats up and carjacks some people to show how cool he is. But that's not enough to stop them, so he buys a bridge while action music plays. Then he smirks as the little guy falls to his possible death after trying to save their lives. 

Which is to say that this is an awful, horrible, bizarre tone deaf affair that's basically a love song to the idea that billionaires can swoop in and do anything that they want. We're supposed to think that it's so cool that he gets whatever he wants because he's rich. It's almost fascinating that anybody would try to make a show around this, and not one where the Tony Stark has his comeuppance in at least some minor way, but where everybody is just an arrogant ass from start to end, except the put upon good guy who stoically suffers through it, no doubt having to learn that the rich ass really is a great guy after all. 


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • peanut butter & squid says:

    hahahha I didnt know how to feel about the show myself, but your words seems ro sum up what I was thinking perfectly 😂 anyway, Im just a random passerby who once played bunny black and went looking around for 3 if that ever got translated. Im kinda sad to see that you no longer do any game translations, but Im glad to know that youre doing alright, sir Aroduc (this is you, isnt it?) perhaps someday youll get around to translating games again. Ill look forward to it even if its an unlikely delusion. stay safe and stay awesome 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I watched 2 eps of this. maybe its the contrast but the main “good” cop is more annoying than the billionaire.

  • Anonymous says:

    Im pretty sure this is a parody and we arent supposed to root for the billionaire