Long Title Girly Game #01 — Undestined

April 4th, 2020


What a noisy show.


I have a lot of trouble getting behind the premise here. If instead of a made up game, we used Snow White instead, it would be "What if a good person was put in the role of the Wicked Queen, but before she was wicked and before she did anything evil, and then tried to help people instead. Would she still poison Snow White and be killed by dwarves?" That doesn't seem like a very interesting question to ask, or much of an actual conflict or struggle. I get that it's meant to be a comedy, but it's the kind of comedy where it does the same things as everything it's parodying, but a character comments that this is a cliche, or someone overreacts in response, usually by making a face and internally recapping what just happened. Which is to say, not actually much of a parody.

It just didn't really do enough for me. The premise is weak, and the conflict is entirely made up. It would be a far more interesting story if it began after she had already become evil and was trying to repair things, or if she actually had to do the things that made her the villainess in the story. No amount of internal narration, even with a whole cabal of internal narrators to form her own peanut gallery, are going to be enough to paper over that, and there's no real story or comedy attempted outside of it. And forget characters. There were a whopping two this week, with all the chemistry of an inert carbon rod. I will say that the musical side of it is certainly… present, if nothing else. Nobody could accuse this show of not being expressive enough in its audio, so the constant yelling at least matches the music. Makes me wonder if they had an orchestra sitting around that they needed to keep busy. Earworm of an opening too. Doubt that's enough though.

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  • anise_punter says:

    We paid maaya uchida to scream incoherently into a microphone for 23 minutes and you won’t believe what happened next!