Listeners #03 — You’re The Specialest

April 17th, 2020


Yes, only someone truly special could grunt and explode.


After glancing through both this and Wave before sitting down to actually watch and sort caps, I was leaning pretty heavily towards this for Fridays, but a small taste did not give an accurate representation of how utterly banal and generally awful this episode was. While there are technically two action scenes, both of them are barely animated and end with the show's now patented "robot glows and explodes" finisher. The second doesn't even have any narrative purpose whatsoever. The new character just goes "We must fight so I can test if you are truly The Special." "Oho, you can glow and explode just like me. You truly are the Specialest." Uh, if you say so, lady.

That's also the point where the episode just goes off a goddamned cliff, and keep in mind it was careening down a gulf to begin with. It ends with declaring what the storyline quest for a while is going to be; traveling from place to place, gathering the Dragon Balls secrets from each important person. Why? Because she's The Specialest. And if she doesn't, then she'll only be someone with the power of a demigod, able to protect helpless people from the monsters and despots rampaging across a post-apocalyptic countryside. So you know what that means? They're going to highschool! …What. 


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