Listeners #01 — Designed By Committee

April 3rd, 2020


I don't think they was a consistent vision going into this thing's creation.


I'm honestly not even sure how to take this show. From any number of bad light novels, we get the amnesiatic magical girlfriend slave dug out of a trash heap in an apocalypse world beset by monsters but not so much so that they can't be fighting them and each other for general entertainment. From children's Saturday morning cartoons, we get the protagonist having put together the most powerful giant robot in the world using nothing but the toothpicks, string, and gum he found around the house. From Secret of Mana, we have the magical dealie thing being accused of causing the monsters to show up. And from Kingdom Hearts, we get the Heartless Earless, shadow monsters that pop up out of nowhere and can only be killed by Keyblade Masters Players.

I think most of my entertainment with this episode probably came from all the bad Engrish being thrown around. The 'action' scene at the end when the giant robot finally showed up was also kind of hilariously terrible all around, and I'm not sure why since they definitely have the animation budget to do something besides cutting to a long distance and showing things glowing from behind a mountain, all leading up to grunting and just exploding. But then we also cut to the peanut gallery and they're making comments like "Those silly teenagers and their silly teenager things." Then the ED plays and we cut to the Nier knockoffs in bikinis attempting to be menacing. I'm not sure everybody who made this is on the same page, or possibly even the same planet.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    Are they ever going to explain how that girl appeared in the middle of a scrap mountain? How long was she there? she was not even dirty, is she some kind of robot? Or is jut magical girlfriend ant thats it.