April 9th, 2020


I really don't remember Zetsubou Sensei having quite this much screaming.

If you're wondering about that horrible light novel show about a kid with god powers, it was an entire episode spent in the forest with his sugar daddy, until he went "Welp, my planet needs me," and then up and died. An entire episode of training against nothing. Even that Magus's Grandson didn't drag that much before getting to its horrid power and misogyny fantasies. 


But this wasn't much better. It started out by explaining that people sometimes procrastinate when they have work to do. Then remarked that the work would have gotten done sooner if they hadn't procrastinated. Then someone said that procrastinating was part of the process. Wait, I didn't tell that joke right. Replace every other verb in the last few sentences with "screamed."

Which would be about how the rest of the episode would go. Lots and lots of screaming with the occasional break to explain concepts like "bootlegs exist" or "there are weird things in people's internet histories." How much can you wring out of "the police are investigating your recent weird purchase?" Apparently the answer is about three straight minutes of screaming. The most complimentary thing I can probably say is that each segment keeps moving on, so we only spend 3-4 minutes at a time screaming about any one particular thing.

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