Gleipnir #04 — Extraterrestrial Exposition

April 26th, 2020


Yeah, we needed a perverted hair eating alien info dump and deus ex machina machina.


I guess this is the episode where it turns the corner and just becomes straight up Dragonball. Or perhaps Sekirei is the more accurate comparison what with the alien crash and having to collect the widgets to grant their wish, although perhaps we lack the bust size for that. Also, we're dragging a bit compared to Sekirei. By its fourth episode, the harem had already been firmly established, along with a frenemy harem, with fights each week. Here, the protagonist is still constantly bemoaning his fate. Hell, even if we're in it for the body horror, a scar on his neck ain't going to cut it.

In any case, this was an episode concerned mainly with exposition that nobody asked for. Hell, I would put forth the thought that not telling people we were collecting Dragonballs to grant a monkey's paw wish was probably the better approach. Then again, we've apparently lost the budget (or production) at this point, so the 'fight' at the start was just a single punch to the gut and then Whose-Her-Face simply wandered off, so we're not exactly living up to the second episode on that front either. Still waffling about this other obvious member of the harem too, who's hanging around, trying to worship at the altar of the protagonist, yet not yet allowed to be involved with anything in terms of story or character, so just left with the worship of a sad sack as her defining bit.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    This alien crashed his space ship, but instead of trying to repair it of gather his companions, he sits there reads manga grants crazy power to a unstable species, I call it BS this guy is in business for humanity to kill themselves, similar to an adult giving a shotgun to a baby.

    Also implied Clair herself killed her parents, her sister wiped her memories for that reason, girl is clearly murderous even without memories and she is back into killing, wont surprise in the slightest if she did something even worse. It is an alright show, the plot is good enough IMO.

  • Tolrin says:

    How does nobody notice the incredibly conspicuous scar on his neck when he is at school though?