“That’s Our Maple!” #09 — Contains Almost No Maple

March 4th, 2020


And the show's probably better for it.


But still not good, and perhaps exemplified best (worst?) in that duel. They would quite literally yell random things, nothing would happen, and both would go "Whoa. I can't believe I had to use that nothing-happening skill. What a formidable opponent they are to have used that nothing-happened skill. I/Shee better be careful because I/she can't use that nothing-happened skill again for a while." And then one just up and gives up in the middle of it. Nobody even landed a single hit on anybody. They just yelled some random words and tried to self-narrate how cool it was that nothing was happening. 

Then it was time for more rules for the next event… which we wouldn't really be seeing or participating in because it's montage time! So here's about twenty seconds each of every random uniquely designed character. And then the protagonists… the good guys, remember… are going to use their invulnerability to lure in and humiliate a bunch of newbies. What heroes. What a great game. But at least the main character is now just a literal contrivance that they cart around, doing nothing but existing… and barely even managing that. 

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