Interspecies Reviewers #12 — Exposition Dump

March 28th, 2020


I guess the comedy writers went home early.


What on Earth was going on with the first half of this episode? It's like this big ol' exposition dump regarding the rules around demons and the setting, and then they forgot to turn that into any real jokes besides like "That sounds kind of weird, huh?" Multiple minutes explaining how demons are basically dick genies and obsessive about following the word of anything they say, but not the spirit, followed by hopping over to an explanation of why they don't have things like planes or cars in the setting. Was that just setup for "condoms are weird, huh?" Cause it really seems like it was. 

The second half wasn't much better, and similarly frittered away time on explaining the concept of holidays, and how the service industry is busy during them. Then they went to a dream brothel, which you would think would be used to recap its greatest hits, and kind of was, but they did that last week anyway, and compared to that, really half-assed it, not to mention also forgot to have any kind of jokes with it. Bit of a damp squib to go out on, guys.

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