Interspecies Reviewers #11 — Dick Punch

March 21st, 2020


That's how you jump start a penis.


Sort of a weirdly meta episode on both parts. The first feels like the writers thought they were kind of doing a soap opera spoof, especially at the end of it, and the director didn't quite get that's what the joke was supposed to be. It was an incubus who just montaged most of the previous episodes, except gave everything a ten out of ten. Then a woman ran up and stabbed him. I question the wisdom of the anime-field making fun of people who give everything perfect scores, but doing so would be one of the more critical things about their own industry that I've seen from it in years. They kind of forgot to have any new gags, even just recycling the old, very weak wordplay from before. Seems like they could've gotten a lot more hay out of making him kind of like an antagonist, satisfying the women and ruining them for other men (like the protagonists) in any number of possible ways. Alas.

The second part was ostensibly about leprachauns, but more about getting just plain getting drunk. Basically, it was an excuse to write freeform nonsense. It started off well enough, with Stunk violently attacking his own dick for not listening to him, but devolved quickly into a mad libs recitation and then montaged itself on some weirdly animated, perhaps not well animated, but animated nonetheless, adventuring to the credits, rather than coming up with more weird drunk misadventures. Not beer goggles. No reveal that the hot girl was actually a squat Rumpelstilskin. No bit about them trying to hook up with a hot girl who was actually a coat rack. No jokes about them thinking they were suave while babbling like a moron. Nada. It's like Stunk punching his junk was the only visual gag they could think of… which is probably precisely the case.

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