Interspecies Reviewers #09 — A Miserable Pile of Secretions

March 7th, 2020


We did not try very hard this week.


This would be another week of "remember when Oglaf did this joke and did it ten times better?" Hell, it was a long running gag on that fossil of the internet, Sexy Losers. So there's a wealth of comedy about having sex with the (un)dead that's out there for this to use or at least steal. Good lord, even Duel Savior made a few more jokes about it than this. Corpses are cold. Skeletons are boney. Zombies are like the dead. Welp, the end. Come on. Nothing about maggots at all? Not even any body parts falling off? Dog running off and burying the bone? Skeleton girl actually being a skeleton guy? Nothing?

The second part seemed to be starting out answering my "are they ever going to be tentacle raped" question from a few weeks back, and I guess it's expected that only the angel would be. The episode then very much lost all focus whatsoever. Other people are also posting reviews, and also, there's a girl doing it who's also a porn film director. I legitimately don't have the faintest idea what the joke was even supposed to be there. An excuse to have a girl on girl scene, okay, but… couldn't even come up with something that seems like a punchline? Or any joke for that whole segment at all? Investigate them and find out it's fanfiction by creepy weirdos. Or stealth marketing. Or critique their writing in petty, humorous ways. There were jokes there to at least try to be made.

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