In/Spectre #12 — The Anti-Streisand Effect

March 28th, 2020


Deleting one page off the internet makes all knowledge of it disappear forever.


I'm honestly not even certain how you could end this series well at this point, but a mercy killing was probably be best. Arbitrarily, it just declares that one of the half-dozen random bits of nonsense she's put forth to troll conspiracy theorists on an internet message board at 11:30 pm on a weeknight was successful, and the entire thing has immediately been dismantled. Good thing there's not a contingent in any other timezones, or that a bunch of dudes don't wake up in the morning having missed her grand deconstruction of everything, gloss over it, call it stupid, start their own sub-Reddit on it, and bring the boob tulpa back to life. How convenient for everybody.

And so this grueling arc finally comes to an end, about six episodes past where it should have, and we get an entire episode of them taking a victory lap. Not like anybody died or anything. Two out of three protagonists existed in it solely to be punching bags, either for a boob ghost, or in a more auditory fashion so that Kuroko didn't look quite as bloody insane, rambling to herself, alone in the backseat of a car. Even the 'main' protagonist just… rambled in the back seat of a car for over a damnable month, thereby thwarting the antagonist who was… mute in a hospital room, miles away, aaaand nothing's really stopping her from doing it again, and certainly nothing they've done. All's well that ends well, right? Right. Whatever.

Season preview should be up tomorrow afternoon. Probably. It's a relatively slim season due to tons of sequels. 


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